Zhucheng hard machinery co., LTD is located in the beautiful scenery、The talents、Counties throughout the country(The city)The title of zhucheng,It has developed traffic conditions,Away from jiqing expressway90Kilometers,Is apart from the Qingdao port、Qingdao liuting international airport100Kilometers,China's land, sea and railway passage——Glue the new railway inclined to wear,The geographical position is extremely superior。Company existing staff120People,The technical personnel40People,Senior technical workers12People,Management personnel60People,Management personnel8People。Strong technical force,The equipment is complete,Design、Development、Manufacturing capability is very strong。Zhucheng hard machinery co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of food processing machinery and packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises。The company has advanced a variety of CNC machining equipment and a skilled and efficient production team,Have solid design、Research and development、Manufacturing capacity,The company is acted on“Strives for realism the spirit、Scientific management,Development and innovation,Sincere service”Business enterprise aim,Vacuum packaging machinery and food series..[More content]

Strives for realism the spirit、Scientific management、Development and innovation、Sincere service innovation is the soul of an enterprise progress,Not only directly reflect the competitiveness of the enterprise,And thus establish the status of the enterprise in the market。Whether to increase production、Expansion or sophisticated operation,Are cost as the core strategy。And only innovation is the only way to enhance the brand value。For the vast number of consumers“Innovation is the life”的..[More content]

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