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Curtain wall project

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The company advantage

Product advantage

The specialty is engaged in the real estate property、The design and construction unit of commercial building aluminum alloy doors and Windows,With metal doors and Windows project specialized contracting grade qualification、Curtain wall engineering design and construction secondary qualification;

Management flat,The hierarchy,Executive force is high,Matching degree is high,To a great extent, save time and manpower cost。

Would do before delivery24Hours of water spray experiments,Ensure no leakage problem。

Price advantage

Production advantage

Has its own factory,The decrease of the intermediate agent,The price is more favorable!

Without gaining the disorderly price phenomenon,Price transparency。

Equipment advantages

Procurement advantages

Has a modern production and processing base,It is equipped with all kinds of advanced production and processingLine of aluminum doors and Windows area80Million square meters,Curtain wall processing products40Million square meters。

Imported new design software,Implementation schedule is greatly increased,A large project three months can be finished。

The technical team

Service advantages

Poised for prosperity of curtain wall project management personnel and skilled workers are from guangdong famous curtain wall company,Per capita five years experience in curtain wall construction and installation is the guarantee of maintenance quality and safety of curtain wall,Have their own design、Production and processing,The installation、Maintenance team,Is a heavy security、Strict management、Equipment、Excellent service、Sophisticated technology、Work fine、High quality professional team。Qualified for different types、Different styles of curtain wall maintenance and technical transformation task。

After-sales service advantages

Procurement advantages

As long as you dial the service hotline,We are in48Give you satisfied reply within hours;

Periodically to do technical review and inspection,Ensure the safety of each project

2Years of free maintenance period,Provide life-long service for you

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Into the poised for prosperityabout us

Shenzhen poised for prosperity is aluminum alloy doors and Windows decoration engineering co., LTD、Window of model steel door、Glass curtain wall、Stone curtain wall、Aluminum railing products such as professional production and processing of the company,Have complete、Scientific quality management system。Shenzhen poised for prosperity of integrity decoration engineering co., LTD、Strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance。Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit、Guidance and business negotiation。
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Glass curtain wall what to choose?

  1、Look at the design requirement  1)、Drawings should be complete、Detailed,Expression should be standardized。Construction drawing and construction requirements,The node details,Embedded parts anchor node is calculated、Curtain wall keel frame in the vertical load、Under the action of horizontal load of the deformation and stress calculation, etc,Lightning protection、Fire protection、Waterproof and drainage measures must be complete...

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