More and more+Introduction to the park
  Sue chuhe modern industrial parkLocated in the southeast of chuzhou in anhui province,Close to nanjing,Planning area36Square kilometers,By suzhou industrial park and chuzhou government cooperation,2012Years4Month28Officially started。The project is2011Older triangle regional cooperation summit one of important achievements,Is the Yangtze river economic belt development strategy of coordination between provincial demonstration project,Is suzhou industrial park, the first cooperation projects outside the province。

The drawing on the successful experience of suzhou industrial park,The introduction of advanced ideas and the planning and construction of the management system of mechanism,According to the“Planning guide、Market operation、People-oriented”The idea of,Efforts to create national demonstration city fusion。

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More and more+Company profile
  Sue chuhe China and Singapore(Chuzhou)Development co., LTDWas established2012Years4Month,Is Sue chuhe development main body of the modern industrial park,By the china-singapore suzhou industrial park development group co., LTD., joint venture and chuzhou city construction investment co., LTDEstablish,Registered capital of the yuan...In more detail>>